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Anónimo asked: Your thoughts on Bmth and the Killers?

BMTH are one of my favorite band, The Killers I don’t listen much of them songs, but I like. (:

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Anónimo asked: congratulation for your beautiful blog!!!

Thank you sooo much!^^

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Anónimo asked: Best rock blog ever !! I ♥your blog.. you're so
cool ;)

Thank you anon, I really appreciate it! ^^ 

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Anónimo asked: this is my favourite blog \m/

Thanks so much! :DD \m/

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Anónimo asked: Omfg I love your blog!!! I just found it but I
already love it. 😊 there aren't very many rock blog, I'm glad there's this one though. Rock

Thanks so much anon! Good to Know that! ^^ \m/

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just-feelings-of-a-girl asked: Hey, belo tumblr ;) +f

Hey! ;) Muito obrigada, fb! ^^

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standing-small asked: Hello darling, i really really love your blog! You are amazing and your playlist is perfect ♥ Thank you for existing :)

Hello! ^^ Thanks so much my dear, I’m really happy to know that! xo 

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